Hello everyone! Joe started getting tied up with a lot of responsibilities, so he offered to let me take over as editor! Naturally I took him up on it, and I'm excited to help you get past these offseason woes. 


As of now, the University of Floirda has a total of 13 recriuts. According to ESPN, 10 of them are four-stars, and only three are three-stars. In addition, 6 of them are ESPNU Top 150 players. Of course rankings should not be taken too seriously, some of the best players in history were nothing but two-star recruits.


It is important to note that Muschamp has already recieved two commitments from linebackers, a position in question for the Gators. He has also succeeded in obtaining two DB's, another position that lacks depth. Thus far, things aren't looking bad in terms of recruiting, hoewever, we can only wait until we see how much they develop for ourselves.