According to Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post, the Florida Gators could end up taking on former head coach Ron Zook and the Illinois Fighting Illini in the Gator Bowl.

Lieser says that since the SEC will likely get two teams into BCS games (Auburn and Arkansas...I know. Who would have thunk it?), the Gators will look for very attractive to the Jacksonville-based bowl.

As for the Big Ten team represented in the Gator Bowl, Lieser says that Illinois, Michigan, Northwestern, and Penn State are in the running, but if I'm running the Gator Bowl, those last three teams don't stand a chance.

Pitting Florida against Zook would not only fill the stadium for an otherwise meaningless bowl game, but it would get major national attention for a matchup between two teams that are barely bowl-eligible.

From the Gators' end, this is a lose-lose situation.

It's already bad enough that Urban Meyer will be subjecting the Gator Nation to another 60 minutes of lousy football, but now there's added pressure.

If you think the Gators are having a terrible season now, imagine what a loss to Zook would do.

If Florida beats Zook, nothing happens.

But if the Gators were to lose this game (which they are very capable of doing), it could be disastrous for a struggling Florida program.

So, while many would love to see Meyer take on Zook for the intrigue and excitement, they should be careful what they wish for.