"Trey Burton, the doughnut maker!" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Dallas Baker, the touchdown maker!" Or does it?

In a rather surprising discovery, Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post tweeted a YouTube clip of Florida fullback Trey Burton appearing on a variety show called "First Down & Dirty."

The name alone should be enough to give you at least an idea of what the program is all about, which is basically two women with low-cut shirts asking athletes about a variety of topics, mainly pop culture.

The set-up in itself is not bad and you find out interesting things about Burton, such as his preference between ESPN reporters and UF graduates Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown as well as how many push-ups he can do with host Kavita Channe sitting on his back.

Also, you will actually see Burton "making doughnuts," something he claims to do quite often on Twitter..

I personally have no problem with Burton doing a show like this one because it's fun and serves as a nice break from the obligatory team coverage by ESPN, The Gainesville Sun, etc.

However, it's just surprising to think that Will Muschamp would let any of his players appear on "First Down & Dirty," especially considering how controlling he can be with the media.

Anyway, if you're bored and have 10 mintues to kill, I have embedded the video below. Enjoy!

Photo by Sam Greenwood, Getty Images