Warning, there are spoilers, but if you don't have an idea of what this documentary is about already, get out from under your rock!

When I sat down to watch "Tim Tebow: Everything in Between" last night on ESPN, I was expecting a typical underdog story that ended in triumph.

And that's exactly what I got.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the documentary very much and I thought director Chase Heavener did a wonderful job putting it together, but I just didn't learn very much about Tebow.

There were never any episodes of Tebow becoming angry or discouraged by criticism and that's either a testament to his drive and his character or those scenes were simply omitted from the documentary.

Few, if any, could withstand that kind of public scrutiny and I believe that seeing Tebow vent some frustration (nothing too crazy) would have given me more insight into how he personally handled public doubts about his playing ability.

Overall, my understanding of Tebow would have benefitted from seeing more of his human side and less of his sparkling public image.

Anyways, I'll move on to the many things I enjoyed about the program.

From intense training (Tebow threw the ball so much in one workout, he tore a pair of gloves apart) to his charity work (visiting a children's hospital in a touching scene), it was definitely interesting to get into Tebow's circle.

And seeing how the comments of NFL experts, particularly Todd McShay, fueled Tebow during strenuous workouts was great television.

Granted, there should have been a moratorium on the shirtless shots of the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, but I'm sure that those scenes captivated many female members of the viewing public.

Perhaps the best part of the film is the 48 hours leading up to the NFL Draft during which Tebow can't decide whether he wants to attend the draft in New York or watch it at home in Jacksonville.

It's the first instance in which you see Tebow actually worry about what others say about him because if he isn't selected in the first round, going to New York will turn from exciting to embarrassing.

Appearing at Radio City Music Hall in New York was a high-risk, high-reward situation for Tebow, but fortunately, he picked a level-headed and supportive agent in Jimmy Sexton.

The ending is great and I applaud Heavener and the film editors. I absolutely loved it.

Overall, it was a very good documentary and for all of Tebow's detractors who watched it, they may have a change of heart about this undoubtedly hard-working guy.

Score: 3 out of 4 stars

If you missed the airings of "Tim Tebow: Everything in Between" on ESPN at 7:00 and ESPN2 at 12:00 last night, it will be on ESPNU Friday at 5:30 p.m. and  Saturday at 9:30 a.m.


Here is a clip of Tim Tebow on SportsCenter yesterday. He appeared on multiple ESPN programs Thursday to promote the documentary.