Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton is going to sleep well tonight.

According to Adam Jacobi of CBS Sports, Newton was never in academic danger while at the University of Florida, which contradicts this report from Thayer Evans of

After a day of finger-pointing, yelling, and screaming, it looks like everyone comes out of this mostly unscathed except for Evans and the unnamed source in Evans' report.

Some have speculated that Urban Meyer was the source in question, but Florida's head coach denied the allegation.

There was also a report by Ron Sanders of Auburn Undercover that read: "Five sources say Dan Mullen is the source of the Cam Newton allegations of academic issues."

This certainly is a lot to chew on, but the best option right now is to just step back, relax, and analyze the situation carefully.

We were all way too quick to judge Newton when the initial report from came out, so before Auburn fans go to Mullen's house with torches and pitchforks, we should wait and see what happens next.

With the crazy tosses and turns this whole scenario has taken, would it surprise anyone if the allegations against Mullen were to go unfounded as well?

Stay tuned and be smart. Don't jump to conclusions.

Here's Cam Newton's reaction to the media buzz surrounding him today, courtesy of Auburn Undercover.