College football season may have just ended, but it is never to early to start talking about it again! As of right now, Florida has 15 commits with seven already enrolled. In addition, the Gators managed to land clutch commit QB Jeff Driskel. That and the additions of WR commits JaJuan Story and Javares McRoy with give a huge boost to positions on the Gator offense that have been disappointing. 

On defense, Florida gains a lot of NFL experience from new Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn (Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Coach), and Defensive Lines Coach Bryant Young (four-time Pro Bowler for the 49ers). Travaris Robinson, the new Defensive Backs coach, has playing experience in the NFL but was never very successful. However, he has coached college football since 2006 at Auburn, Western Kentucky, Southern Miss, and Texas Tech. 

Overall, despite some lacks of experience in coaching, Florida has made some very good additions. Not only that, but Florida has a pretty manageable schedule with games against FAU, UAB, Tennessee, Kentucky, Auburn, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Furman (The tough games being Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, and Florida State).

Therefore, I have the Florida Gators finishing at 25 in the BCS top 25 with a record of 8-4 in the regular season. My reasoning: the new coaching staff will work out the "kinks" of this season such as poor chemistry between seniors and freshman, poor ball snaps, dropped passes, poor play calling, etc. However, even though coaching will fix a lot of problems, the players were recruited for the spread, and trained in the spread. Therefore, moving to a new style of play will be a difficult transition and will only get the Gators one extra win the the regular season.