Will Muschamp will be happy to know that this story only appears online.

The Florida head coach told the media Monday that writing about his time as a defensive team captain at Georgia would be "wasted ink."

Muschamp explained his emotions, telling reporters that he had coached against the Bulldogs as an assistant in the past and that facing his former team is nothing new.

Granted, his past stops at LSU and Auburn gave him multiple showdowns with Georgia, but he is disregarding the bigger picture in this case.

This Saturday marks the first time he will face the Bulldogs as a head coach and he will do so as the man in charge of the hated Gators, no less.

Muschamp acts like it is not a big deal, but he has been thinking about this for a while and we all know it.

In fact, it probably crossed his mind as soon as he agreed to an interview with Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley to take over Urban Meyer's old gig.

But Muschamp would never tell you that.

Actually, hearing that kind of honesty from any coach in this business would be one hell of a rarity.

Yet the fiery former Georgia safety could afford to be a bit more open.

Ever since he arrived in Gainesville, Muschamp has been extremely guarded, only letting up every now and then to berate referees from the sidelines.

It would be nice to see him have fun and enjoy himself from time to time.

One way that he could do that would be to drop the "coach speak" for a day and talk about some of his personal experiences with the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

After all, he grew up a Gator fan and played his final down of football as a Bulldog.

He has been on both sides of the Florida-Georgia rivalry -- a unique situation to say the least.

If he will not share that experience with fans and the media, I hope he at least talks to his players about it.

Granted, Muschamp did admit that crossing Hart Bridge on the way to the stadium in Jacksonville gives him goosebumps, but that was far from enlightening.

Ever since the 2011 season kicked off, Muschamp has categorized each team the Gators face as a "nameless, faceless" squad and he tried to do the same song and dance this week.

He might have gotten away with it had it not been for this promise he made to a young UF bride-to-be at the Atlanta Gator Club in May.

Maybe Muschamp likes to have some fun after all.

Judging by his words in Georgia's capital city last spring, he may actually put more stock into this rivalry game than he has let on.

And the Gator Nation wouldn't have it any other way.

Photo by Dave Martin, Associated Press