A video clip from late in Saturday's Florida-Georgia game has caught fire among Gator fans and Bulldogs fans on the internet.

Apparently, in an attempt to intimidate Florida punter Chas Henry, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham yelled at the Gators' backup placekicker and made choking gestures.

Here's what Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt had to say about Grantham's actions:

"I'll just say that emotions run high. People do things they probably wish they didn't do, so I think that [the choke sign] was what was being communicated. I don't think he's necessarily proud of it. We're just going to learn from it and move on."

And while people have been upset by a lack of sportsmanship and from Grantham, I don't think this really matters all that much.

Did Henry nail the kick? Yes.

Did Florida beat Georgia? Yes.

Did Grantham's actions lack professionalism? Of course.

But Richt did apologize and the Gator Nation shouldn't get all caught up in a frenzy because the Bulldogs' coaching staff likes to trash talk its opponents.

Some may see it as a classless move, but Florida doesn't have room to talk, especially after the eye-gouging incident with Brandon Spikes last season.

Besides, the Gators have more important things to worry about right now.

Unlike Georgia, Florida is still in contention for an SEC East championship and that's all that matters right now.

Here's the clip from the game. The "choke" incident occurs between 0:08 and 0:13.