The Associate Press poll voters don't see a drop-off for the Florida Gators in the post-Urban era.

UF is one of six Southeastern Conference teams to crack the annual preseason poll and the Orange and Blue finds itself at No. 22.

When asked about Florida's ranking earlier in fall practice, new head coach Will Muschamp replied "I could care less," clearly indicating that the poll--and articles like these--will not be on his reading list.


Getting back to the point, not much can be made of the Gators' ranking, to be completely honest.

They are going to win anywhere between six and nine games this season, so they'll either finish unranked or in the 20's by season's end.

Don't pay it much mind.

Gator Raiders Returns

Joe and Will will be back with a brand new episode of Gator Raiders Monday, kicking off the second season with a comprehensive breakdown of the 2011 version of Florida football.

Expect a lot of laughs, insight, and just plain old fun from the podcast because honestly, when has it not been those things? Wait, don't answer that.

Joe's Florida Football Preview

For the website National Football Authority, Joe wrote a very extensive and comprehensive Florida football preview that demands to be read.

You want in-depth? Try 2,400 words of hard-nosed, unparalleled coverage.

It's a tour de force of Gator football knowledge and Joe is more than willing to hear you agree--and disagree--with his UF ramblings.

The link is right here ("Florida Gators 2011 SEC Preview: Questions Abound for Inexperienced, but Talented Squad").

Video of Will Muschamp

Alright, what's an article nowadays without a flashy video to go with it?

Here, courtesy of, is a video of Will Muschamp detailing some injuries to the squad and talking about the Gators' team scrimmage from Saturday, August 20.

So, with no further ado, click "Play" and enjoy Muschamp in all his glory.

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