Saturday proved to be a day that Florida's problems shined brighter than a quasar. Furman took an early 15-0 lead on Florida after two impressive drives and a mistake by Florida's center, Jonotthan Harrison, who snapped the ball over Quarterback John Brantley's head directly into the endzone. Naturally, this resulted in a safety after Brantley made an attempt to scoop up the ball, but instead pushed it through the back on the endzone.

With 4:27 left to go in the 1st quarter, Florida finally managed to put up seven points after a missed field goal on their first drive of the game. However, on the ensuing drive, Furman managed to make the score 22-7. 

Florida finally put together its offense in the 2nd quarter, with two touchdown passes from John Brantley and a rushing touchdown by Hunter Joyer. Furman managed to keep the 3rd quarter close, keeping the score only 37-32 for Florida. 

It wasn't until the 4th quarter that Florida managed to seal the game and prevent Furman from scoring, adding an extra two touchdowns and a field goal. So the biggest question on everyone's mind right now is, "if Florida can't handle itself against FCS opponent Furman, how can they possibly win legitimate games?" Perhaps it is just growing pains, but Florida's coaching staff really needs to find ways to motivate and improve their team. This game wasn't just bad on one side of the ball, there is enough blame to go around the whole locker room. 

After their win, the Florida Gators are bowl eligible, and it looks like they may be heading to the Gator Bowl. So my question is, is this a blessing or a curse? Is the fact Florida even gets to go to a bowl game a positive, or is the potential beat-down even worth going?