Despite Florida's highly disappointing season, they still squeezed out a New Years bowl game, this Saturday, under Urban Meyer. 

All-time, Penn State is 0-2 against Florida and 16-16 against the SEC. Nevertheless, they will have there chance tomorrow to give themselves their first win against the Gators

For those of you who listened to our last podcast, I discussed the similarities of both the Gators and the Nittany Lions. Both teams go beyond just having a 7-5 record in common.

For starters, John Brantley and Robert Bolden have passer ratings of 118.8 and 118.5 respectively. (See what I did there?) The good news for the Nittany Lions is that backup Matthew McGloin has been more than compensating for the loss of Bolden with a passer rating of 142.6.

Brantley has 2020 yards with a 61.4 completion percentage as well as 9 interceptions. McGloin has 1337 yards (after Bolden was injured in their 7th game of the season against Minnesota) with a 58.0 completion percentage with 4 interceptions.

Against the spread, Florida is 5-6 while Penn State is 5-7. Straight up, both teams are 3-1 against non conference opponents. 

On the ground, Florida has an average of 4.3 yards per rush off of 459 carries for 1987 yards. Penn State, on the other hand, is averaging 4.2 yards per rush off of 412 carries for 1714 yards.

In the air, the Gators average 10.2 yards per catch from 216 receptions for 2295 and 12 touchdowns. The Nittany Lions average 12.7 yards per catch from 219 catches for 2775 yards and 18 touchdowns. 

Where the stats really set apart is the number of touchdowns Florida scores on the ground, which is 29, very much unlike Penn State's 14.

What do these stats mean? In my opinion, they mean that that the Outback Bowl should be very interesting, on paper at least. Nonetheless, I am still of the belief that Joe Paterno will show that he is still very capable of coaching.

Florida has been devoid of passion all season, something the teams had grown to thrive on under the Tebow era. 

Prediction: Penn State 24, Florida 14.

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