Well, here we are. Ever since the 32-13 defeat in last season's SEC Championship Game, the Gator Nation has had this game on its radar and it is now upon us.

I'm set up with my laptop, I have the TV turned to CBS, and I'm ready for the game to get started.

Feel free to ask me questions, make comments of your own, and give your own thoughts in the comment section. Fire away!

Final Score: Alabama 31 - Florida 6


11:09 - That does it. Urban Meyer is now 2-3 against the Crimson Tide in his career. Thanks to everyone who followed the blog and I hope you enjoyed the commentary!

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11:06 - Well, losses like these happen to young, inexperienced teams. 'Bama is clearly the No. 1 team in the nation and the Gators have a long way to go.

You have to appreciate Nick Saban's class. He could've gone for the jugular, but instead, he's just mercifully running the clock out.

11:01 - Chas Henry punts another great ball, downing the Crimson Tide at their own eight-yard line. Henry gets the game ball for the Gators tonight.

10:54 - If you want a silver lining, the Gator defense hasn't surrendered any points in the second half.

10:48 - After scrambling on fourth down, Brantley is down and appears injured. He got hit really hard. It's just been one of those nights for Florida.

10:44 - Another bad snap by the Gators. What else is there to say?

10:41 - I love that Geico commercial where the gecko pulls his cell phone and wallet out of nowhere. Makes me laugh every time. Haha.

10:40 - The Gator defense has looked much better in the second half, but that's due mainly to the fact that Alabama has taken their foot off the gas.

10:35 - End of Third Quarter:  'Bama, 31-6.

10:34 - The Gators fumble on the one-yard line. Murphy's Law is in full effect tonight in Tuscaloosa. Four turnovers for the Orange and Blue.

10:28 - The officials are the Gators' best friends right now. Flags are keeping this drive alive.

10:27 - Florida might as well go for it here, 31-9 isn't any better than 31-6.

10:24 - Wow. Alabama nearly picked off another pass. This game cannot end quickly enough for the Gators.

10:17 - Brantley throws a pick-six and the Tide's lead grows even bigger. 'Bama, 31-6.

10:15 - Big play by Deonte Thompson, catching a 24-yard pass from Brantley. First down.

10:11 - The Florida defense forced Alabama to punt, but the good news ended when the Crimson Tide downed it at the Gators two-yard line.

10:10 - Mike Gillislee has a badly sprained ankle and Jeff Demps has a sprained foot. Time for the other Gator halfbacks to step up.

10:05 - Chas Henry nails a 21-yard field goal. That was a good, solid drive from the Gators.

Brantley had a lot of success in the passing game and if Florida keeps throwing the ball, things could get interesting. 'Bama, 24-6.

10:01 - Gary Danielson: "You've got a throwing quarterback. You've got to throw." That's how you use Brantley. No more Demps up the middle, Steve Addazio!

9:58 - There's Andre Debose! It's like "Where's Waldo?" with him. He disappears a lot.

HALFTIME: I'm going to take a break. Hopefully, Florida will make this a more interesting game in the second half. I'll be back for kickoff!

'Bama, 24-3.

9:31 - Punter Chas Henry is solid from 39 yards out. The Gators finally get on the scoreboard. 'Bama, 24-3.

9:25 - Who else got the Aflac question right? Florida looks pitiful on both sides of the ball.

The Gators are going for it on fourth down and...Brantley completes the pass to Carl Moore! First down.

9:23 - Gators finally make a stop on defense. They're starting at the Alabama 36-yard line. Florida needs a touchdown NOW if they want any to have any chance of winning tonight.

Aflac answer: AUBURN (2006, 2007)

9:20 - Great punt from Chas Henry (75 yards)! Florida downs it at the two-yard line. The lone bright spot so far on a bad night for the Gators.

9:17 - Aflac Trivia Question: What is the only team to defeat an Urban Meyer-coached squad two meetings in a row?

I know the answer, but I'll leave you in suspense for a few minutes.

9:15 - Wide receiver Marquis Maze throws a touchdown pass in the Wildcat formation. 24-0, 'Bama.

I'm not going to say that this one is over, but from here on out, it will be quite an uphill battle for the Gators.

9:11 - This is a "must-score" drive for the Gators and on 3rd and 12, it doesn't look promising.

Brantley picked off in UF territory. This game is getting ugly fast.

9:07 - Ingram plows into the end zone for another Crimson Tide touchdown. 17-0, 'Bama.

9:04 - The Florida defense is in trouble. They are getting zero penetration in the backfield and Richardson and Ingram are running all over them.

Alabama is about to score again.

9:01 - Ahmad Black strips the ball from Trent Richardson on a weird play. All of the players were confused by no whistle from the referee when Richardson was apparently down.

8:56 - Julio Jones makes a long return on a very long punt from Chas Henry. Uncharacteristically bad punt coverage from Florida's special teams.

8:52 - I know the option is a major component of the spread offense, but Brantley can't run it very well. Urban needs to let him throw the ball.

8:47 - Mark Ingram runs untouched into the end zone. 'Bama, 10-0.

8:46 - Did anyone see the end of the LSU-Tennessee game? That was one of the wildest, most chaotic finishes I have ever seen in college football.

8:43 - End of First Quarter: 'Bama, 3-0.

8:39 - Trent Richardson breaks off a big sideline run. Alabama has a good thing in the running game with Mark Ingram and him. Power and speed.

8:31 - Gators try the famous jump pass play with Trey Burton and the pass is intercepted in the end zone.

First and 10 for Alabama at their own 20-yard line. Florida needs another stop from their defense on this drive.

Overall, the offense looked good. They moved the ball efficiently and John Brantley looks very sharp.

8:30 - Florida is still having problems with the center-quarterback exchange. Mike Pouncey needs to get that down.

On the same play, Trey Burton lines up at quarterback and runs up the middle. Play was reviewed (touchdown or not) and Gators have ball at the one-yard line.

Next play: Burton stopped in the backfield. I expect Urban to send out the field goal unit.

8:23 - Brantley shows great pocket presence by avoiding sack and running for a first down.

8:22 - Robert Clark is returning kicks in place of Jeff Demps (sprained foot) tonight. Good call by Urban.

8:19 - Safety Matt Elam sacks Greg McElroy on third down. Tide settle for a field goal on the game's opening drive. 3-0, 'Bama.

8:16 - The yellow first down line isn't showing up on TV. CBS is making it hard for the folks at home.

8:13 - 'Bama is going to move the ball all night long if they keep hitting those screen passes.

8:10 - Kickoff time! Florida deferred to the second half and Alabama is receiving. Trent Richardson takes a big hit from Jelani Jenkins around the 20-yard line.

8:07 - Florida is wearing the blue pants tonight. I'm sure that has something do with the last time these two played in Tuscaloosa.

In his first season at UF, Urban Meyer and the Gators lost to the Crimson Tide 31-3 in orange trousers.

8:01 - I'm not a big fan of Verne Lundquist, but I've always really liked Gary Danielson. He's a very knowledgable football analyst and just a great booth personality.

7:54 - Jeopardy! is still on CBS and we're six minutes away from kickoff. I guess I can tolerate a short, educational experience before the game. Or at least I think I can. There's just nothing exciting about Alex Trebek.

7:44 - Punter Chas Henry will be kicking for kicker Caleb Sturgis (back) tonight and he's got a leg for it. Nailed warmup attempts of 42 and 49 yards.

Also, Jeff Demps may be slowed by his foot injury tonight, but even at just 80-90 percent health, Demps will still be one of the fastest players on the field.