So, it turns out that Janoris Jenkins is not the only Florida Gator who gets high in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to Jason Lieser of the Palm Beach Post, redshirt freshman Chris Martin and redshirt sophomore Kedric Johnson have also been arrested for marijuana possession in 2011.

That brings the tally up to the three players arrested and four total arrests for new head coach Will Muschamp in just four months on the job.

One of the problems with the Urban Meyer Era in Gainesville was the legal troubles faced by many Florida players.

25 players were arrested a combined 30 times under Meyer and there was seemingly no end in sight for what was a growing black eye on the program.

Muschamp has a chance to change the culture at UF.

Does he have a chance to see zero players go to jail? Of course not.

The guy just wrapped up his first spring practice and he has already had four separate incidents with police happen on his watch.

However, he could lay down the law in a major way by making an example out of Jenkins, arguably Florida's most talented returning player.

Again, it is entirely Muschamp's call and if he wants to run this program the right way, then he will not just let these incidents fall by the wayside.

When Jenkins, Martin, and Johnson are done with their discipline, they should either be out of town completely or so disappointed that they never even want to look at a blunt again.

The time is now for Muschamp to weed out (forgive the bad pun) the players that don't care enough about Gator football to stay out of trouble.