While Cameron Newton has become a Heisman Trophy frontrunner as the quarterback of the Auburn Tigers this season, his heart is somewhere else.

"If it was up to me, I would still want to be at Florida," Newton told ESPN's Mark Schlabach. "My heart is still at Florida because of the long-lasting relationships I have with my teammates there. Leaving them was the hardest part."

And if Newton misses the Gators, imagine how much they miss him considering their offensive woes so far in 2010.

Unlike John Brantley, Newton is actually suited to running Florida's offense and if the Gators had Auburn's quarterback, then Steve Addazio could get away with being mediocre.

Having this mutual interest between Newton and the Gator Nation has to be gut-wrenching for everyone in Gainesville, but you just have to chalk it up to what could have been and move on.

Newton moved on and so should Florida.

Here's Schlabach's report on Newton's phenomenal season.